Keep cool with these 3 eco-friendly gym shorts

Keep cool with these 3 eco-friendly gym shorts

Keep cool with these 3 eco-friendly gym shorts. Shorts are shorts, right? Wrong! The shorts you wear to the gym can have a big impact on your workout than you might expect.

There’s your comfort to consider, along with how free your movements are in your shorts – especially if you’re dropping into squats or lunges.

You need a pair of gym shorts that will serve you well and help you maintain your modesty and dignity. As well as considering comfort, there’s length and moisture-wicking to take into account.

No one wants to be that sweaty person at the gym. So to help you out, here’s three sustainable gym shorts to help keep you cool through your workout.

Patagonia Men’s Terrebonne Shorts

These lightweight and versatile shorts from Patagonia are breathable and quick drying with a comfortable drawcord waistband. They’re made from 100% recycled polyester fabric with a DWR – durable water repellant – finish.

Vaude Men’s Green Core Shorts

Vaude’s lightweight shorts are made from recycled polyamide, wool and fiber cellulose. They’re light, breathable and quick drying. The inner shorts are made from 50% fine merino wool and 50% TENCEL. This material combination is not only eco-friendly but wool is odor-inhibiting and provides a natural warmth.

Vaude Men’s Drop Shorts

The perfect shorts if you’re out and about on a bike. They’re breathable, waterproof and windproof. The material is lightweight and the shorts are made using environmentally-friendly manufacturing, having Vaude’s Green Shape label, meaning they’re made under fair working conditions.

Keep cool with these 3 eco-friendly gym shorts

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