Fast fashion brand Monki promises to become sustainable

Fast fashion brand Monki promises to become sustainable

Fast fashion brand Monki promises to become sustainable. Stockholm-based high street label Monki is making small steps to become eco-friendly.

A recognised name throughout Europe, Monki’s affordable and contemporary designs span both men’s and womenwear with denim at its core.

Monki is working with the Better Cotton Initiative, a project that is working to make the global cotton industry a fairer place for farmers and for the earth. It puts money into cotton farming without using chemicals and pesticides and provides farmer with the education on how best to treat soil, starting with smarter ways to use water.

Denim is one of the most in-demand fabrics in the fashion industry but has harmful effects on the environment and on the workers who produce it.

Monki’s promise to become more sustainable marks the start of its pledge to become a fully sustainable brand by 2030.

It predicts this initial development alone will result in a 46% reduction in its contribution to climate change.

There’s also a recycle station at every Monki store and each store is powered by renewable energy.

Monki sits under its mother brand, H&M Group. Currently around 10% of its consumption of raw materials is made using environmentally-friendly fabrics such as organic cotton.

The H&M Group is one of three brands which have been awarded the ‘Avant-Garde’ status from Greenpeace, a title that goes to ‘detox-committed companies that are ahead of the field, leading the industry towards a toxic-free future with credible timelines, concrete actions and on-the-ground implementation’.

Fast fashion brand Monki promises to become sustainable

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