Leighton Meester creates the perfect sustainable jumpsuit

Leighton Meester creates the perfect sustainable jumpsuit

Leighton Meester creates the perfect sustainable jumpsuit. Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester has created the perfect sustainable jumpsuit, thanks to her latest collaboration with Christy Dawn.

Over the past six months, the actress has worked with the LA based sustainable fashion brand to create ‘The Leighton Jumper’, a sleeveless full-length jumpsuit with a bow detail on the neckline and scoop back.

Speaking to PEOPLE, Leighton said: “In the last five years or so, I really started becoming more conscious and aware of what I’m consuming whether it be what I am watching, eating, wearing or what I’m shopping for.”

“To top it off, it’s a woman led brand and [Christy] is really an incredible person and very inspiring. I met with her and we talked about the possibility of a collaboration and then it kind of just happened organically after that.”

Meester explained why she wanted to make a jumpsuit, saying: “Very early on, I said that I was interested in making a jumper, even though [Christy] is really well known for her dresses.”

“And while I totally love dresses, jumpers are much more practical for me. They kind of translate from day to night, and I can wear them having a child. They’re my go-to, really.”

The ‘Gossip Girl’ star – who has 3-year-old daughter Arlo Day with husband Adam Brody – said it was important to create something that is practical.

“Christy was saying that her test is always, ‘Can I wear this at the grocery store?’”

She added: “What do I do every day?’ I pretty much go to a playground every day. So I’m like, ‘Can I wear this at a playground?’ I certainly can wear it at the beach, which I spend a lot of time at. I can wear it to dinner out at night. I can wear it during the day to some sort of daytime event. It’s really comfortable and just makes me feel put together — that’s what I want as a mom, to be able to throw something on and feel put together.”

All proceeds from the sale of The Leighton Jumper will benefit Los Angeles’ Downtown Women’s Center, an organisation that empowers women who are struggling with homelessness.

Leighton Meester creates the perfect sustainable jumpsuit

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