How technology is making fashion sustainable

How technology is making fashion sustainable

How technology is making fashion sustainable. The face that technology is making fashion sustainable isn’t all that surprising; tech has always been used to some extent in the fashion industry.

From simply utilising technology for the clothing manufacturing process, we’re seeing an age where tech and fashion are coming together to make clothes that are far more sustainable.

And given the environmental damage it takes to produce most fabric, this is a welcome change.

Thanks to some key innovations, here are some of the ways in which technology is being used to make fashion sustainable.

Clothing made from food

Yes, you’ve read that right. A German student called Anke Domaske had a great idea of using milk, tea and coffee beans in her ‘Grow Your Own Clothes’ project at uni, blowing her professors away.

So much so that she was encouraged to launch her own company, Qmilk, which produces fabrics not only for the fashion industry, but also for home and car furnishings.

Fabric made from Qmilk is not only soft and a comfortable fit but the textile also provides reduced bacteria growth and skin-sensory properties, making it suitable for any climate.

Reusable fabric dyes

Few people seem to realise that the dyeing process of producing clothes is a highly polluting process that involves many chemicals, waste and water usage but California’s Colorep has come up with an ‘AirDye’ system to change that.

AirDye takes water out of the equation entirely and also reduces the amount of emissions and energy used since extreme heat is used to dry the textiles after they are soaked in dye.

AirDye uses synthetic fibers for its material, which are made from PET bottles. Using dispersed dyes that are applied on a paper carrier, AirDye uses heat to transfer the dyes to the surface of the textiles. All paper used is recycled and the dyes are inert, meaning they go back to their original state and can be reused.

Lab grown diamonds

Technology is making fashion sustainable in the realm of accessories with lab grown diamonds and gemstones.

One company leading the way is Lark and Berry, who create high-quality diamonds using a process called Chemical Vapor Disposition (CVD).

In this, a diamond ‘seed’ is placed in a high-pressure chamber with a plasma formed with Methane and Hydrogen, which is then heated to over 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The gases attach to the seed and the carbon crystal grows up to a month – longer for high carat weight diamonds. Once the crystal is formed, it is sent a diamond cutter.

Although energy is required to produce the high pressure and temperatures required to create lab-grown diamonds, it is still approximately a third less required to mine a diamond.

And, of course, less energy means less fuel and pollution.

Header photo is Lark And Berry Instagram.

How technology is making fashion sustainable

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