Why Berlin Fashion Week is the most sustainable of all

Why Berlin Fashion Week is the most sustainable of all

Why Berlin Fashion Week is the most sustainable of all. The UN’s European Economic Commission estimate that the fashion industry is responsible for producing 20% of global wastewater and 10% global carbon emissions, more than the emissions of all international flights and maritime shipping combined.

But to highlight a wealth of eco-friendly fashion alternatives, Berlin’s Fashion Week featured a revamped sustainable fashion show, with all designers and brands at the Neonyt show having to prove they make their clothes using sustainable methods and materials.

German eco-fashion brand Nuuwai did just that with their bags – all made from apple peel.

Svenja Detto, founder and CEO of Nuuwai, explained: “We use apple because the resource is there. We replace 50 percent of the PU (Polyurethane) with apple leftovers and that means that this wasted material is being used instead of being burned or thrown away.”

The company use apple waste from juice companies that discard their peels and fibres.

Meanwhile, Finnish company Pure Waste is displaying their range of t-shirts all made from recycled materials.

The company uses textiles that are usually thrown away in clothing production, such as offcuts which are usually discarded.

Noora Alhainen, a representative for the company, said: “When you cut the fabric to make a T-shirt there are some pieces of fabric left.”

For example, what we do is we take the cotton off cuts and then it is shredded back into fibre form. We add some recycled polyester and then it’s re-spun.”

Thimo Schwenzfeier, managing director of Neonyt, explains how Berlin Fashion Week is one of the most sustainable fashion weeks.

“The Berlin Fashion Week is by far the most sustainable fashion event worldwide. By being the organisers of NEONYT, the world’s most important hub for fashion, sustainability and innovation, the Messe Frankfurt is responsible for this honourable status.”

“With the NEONYT fashion show, we have created a unique, editorial catwalk show which impresses and inspires due to its multi-brand looks. Of course, we also ensure a sustainable implementation of the event, from a sustainable stand construction to organic catering projects for the accumulation and enhancement of waste, which remains after the event (for example the project Trash Galore).”

Why Berlin Fashion Week is the most sustainable of all

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