Burberry set emissions goals to become more sustainable

Burberry set emissions goals to become more sustainable

Burberry set emissions goals to become more sustainable. Luxury fashion brand Burberry has set targets to cut their greenhouse gas emissions in a bid to become more carbon neutral.

The British fashion house plans to cut emissions from both its direct operations and from its extended supply chain, according to a statement from its website.

The label plans to use 100 percent of energy from renewable sources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 95 percent from direct operations and 30 percent from its extended supply chain.

It’s not the first eco-friendly step the luxury brand has taken.

Last year, Burberry committed to ending the practice of incinerating goods – a wasteful act fashion brands employ to maintain brand value and prevent stock being stolen or sold cheaply.

Burberry revealed in its 2018 annual report that it has burned approximately $37 million worth of clothing and cosmetics.

Pam Batty, Burberry’s VP corporate responsibility, said in a statement: “At Burberry, we are passionate about building a more sustainable future and setting these new targets in line with the latest climate science is an important milestone for us.”

“For the first time, we are setting targets for greenhouse gas emissions that apply to our extended supply chain, which is a significant addition to our already ambitious target of becoming carbon neutral in our own operational energy use by 2022. Changing the system requires collaboration, and we will be working closely with our supply chain partners to take the action needed to stay on track and achieve our goals.”

Of course, there is still plenty of improvement when it comes to the fashion industry practices of sustainability.

But with brands like Burberry, Prada and Nike taking concrete steps to reduce their carbon footprint, there’s hope for a more sustainable future in the fashion industry.

Burberry set emissions goals to become more sustainable

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