Why you should care about sustainable fashion

Why you should care about sustainable fashion

Why you should care about sustainable fashion. For years and years, the fashion industry have loved to tell us what trends to follow and what clothes we need to rush out and buy.

Unfortunately many clothes on the market today are manufactured using harmful chemicals in order to make synthetic fibers or for bleaching clothing.

But with more and more people becoming more in-tune with the effects the fashion industry has on the environment, sustainable clothing is becoming more popular than ever.

When it comes to sustainable fashion brands, all that matters are that fabrics and materials are sustainably sourced, free of chemicals and made in humane settings.

In order to help you make the switch to eco-friendly fashion, here are three benefits of sustainable clothing.

It’s better for the Earth.

Alright so this is a bit of an obvious one but still an important point. Unfortunately, the fashion industry leaves a huge environmental footprint, from the various chemicals and pesticides used to grow cotton to the toxic dyes used to make your favourite clothes. By choosing organic materials or sustainable fabrics – such as bamboo or hemp – we can reduce our carbon footprint while also trimming the harsh chemicals you bring into your life.

It’s good for people.

The Fair Trade Act has done a lot of good for the eco-fashion industry, namely for those working in manufacturing factories. Only a tiny percentage of the money we spend on clothes ends up in the hands of those who made them. Under the Fair Trade Act, all clothes must be produced under safe working conditions which means the company you are purchasing clothes from care as much about their employees as much as they do making profit.

It lasts longer.

Another obvious point – sustainably made clothing lasts longer. If the other two points on this list didn’t sway you to care about eco-friendly and sustainable fashion, this one should. Buying clothes made from organic materials and renewable fibers means that they are more durable and timeless. Fast fashion brands care about making clothes quickly and encouraging you to buy more. Meaning that the clothes they make aren’t the best quality – they aren’t designed to last. With ethical clothing brands, the garments are made using high-quality fabrics and attention to detail.

Why you should care about sustainable fashion

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