Fashion review of Ollie & Mac Boutique Meath

Fashion review of Ollie & Mac Boutique Meath

Fashion review of Ollie & Mac Boutique Meath. Situated in the town of Navan, County Meath lies a Ladies fashion store that since 2008 has been providing the women of Co Meath and the surrounding areas with the latest in ladies styles and designs.

Founder of this delightful fashion emporium, Marcella Clarke had an important vision when setting up Ollie & Mac where she wanted to make adorable and modern ladies fashion designs available and accessible to women. Today, Ollie & Mac supplies and sells a highly curated collection of bespoke and designer pieces.

Since 2013 when they switched to their on-line presence, they are seen by many of their customers as the “go-to” destination on-line for forward thinking fashion designs that cater for fashionable women looking for the latest in chic Ladieswear.

Their ever-evolving fashion line-ups consist of bespoke and designer pieces that appeal to women of all ages who are looking for great day time fashion wear in ladies dresses, jackets, trousers and top collections.

They also pay attention to detail in ensuring they cater for women looking to get that perfect occasional look where customers can choose from an extensive line of ladies clothing and accessories to suit their own needs and tastes.

Out of interest, the name “Ollie & Mac” refers to family members, Mac who is Marcella’s mother and Ollie who is her aunt with the pair working together back in the 1980’s.

They also state on their modern looking and easy to use website that their aim is to style strong, independent, feisty and fashionable ladies!!!

Like most Irish fashion retailers who are actually based and run from Ireland, they provide local jobs where the local economy benefits as well as their customers buying in confidence knowing that items bought from their on-line store will actually arrive to your doorstep with all queries being dealt with their staff situated at their Meath office.

Some of the benefits of following Ollie & Mac on their social media channels is where fun loving followers of Ladies fashion can avail of their on-line sales and customer promotions.

So, if you are someone who likes the on-line shopping experience of shopping for modern and chic Ladies fashion-wear, then check out Ollie & Mac on their website for a perfect Irish on-line platform destination to shop.







Fashion review of Ollie & Mac Boutique Meath

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