Ways to help change your approach to fashion sustainable

Ways to help change your approach to sustainable fashion

Ways to help change your approach to sustainable fashion. When it comes to the thought of switching from traditional fashion clothing that may not always be ethically sourced or include material that is damaging to the environment, it can be daunting.

Making that switch over to sustainable fashion not mean you have to go to your wardrobe and throw all your favourite pieces of fashion away and replace them with more eco-friendly sustainable clothing.

All that is really required is for you to put some thought into the way you approach your next fashion purchase as your actions whether you realise it or not will contribute to the environment that you or your loved ones live in.

Over the past few years though the intervention of TV and media, we have all be exposed to the harmful consequences that non-sustainable fashion is having on the environment.

Through education, more and more of us are actually starting to not only be more aware of the harmful material and products that go into what we call “throw away fashion” but are also being more socially conscious about the conditions the people who make it work under on a daily basis.

It’s only human nature to ask ourselves questions about the lack of fashionable sustainable clothing wear that is readily available from brands who don’t really care where they source their fashion, but this is totally changing.

Today, there are so many alternatives to non-eco-friendly fashion clothing and when you actually take time to investigate you will see that the range and styles of sustainable clothing available are quite extensive and will suit your own style.

OK, it’s not cheap and no one is pontificating that. However, ask yourself this, are you clever in the way you approach your shopping for fashion? Are you a person who is guilty of purchasing “throw away clothing” on a regular basis to only wear it a few times before binning it?

To be honest, we all are guilty of this in one way or another so don’t be too hard on yourself. Change is good and what we have done here is put together a few steps that will help you become more “eco-friendlier” with your approach to buying fashion.

Making the change in small steps is an important process and by doing your bit, you can will not only be doing your bit to help and promote “ethical fashion” but you can enjoy all the great looks and styles that “sustainable fashion” has to offer.
Here are some tips to have a more sustainable wardrobe, without very much effort at all.

1. The #30wears test

Eco Age who are a company which certifies brands for their sustainability began their #30Wears campaign to encourage people to only buy an item if we really know that they will wear it. Their message is simple, every time you buy something, always think, ‘Will I wear it a minimum of 30 times?’ If the answer is yes, then buy it, if your answer is no, then move on. You’d be surprised how many times people have answered no.

2. Educate yourself

knowing where to start is important. Educate yourself to shops and suppliers who stock the latest ranges in ethical fashion.
You will be amazed as there are so many brands that are run with a sustainable focus in mind. Check the web and get the look and styles that suit you!

3.Why not shop vintage fashion?

Vintage clothing can play a huge role in making fashion more sustainable and reducing our global footprint. Did you know 132 million metric tons of coal is used every yearly through the production of new fibres, dyeing and bleaching of garments and 6-9 trillion liters of water is used by the industry as well in order to produce clothing.

Vintage fashion is not only great fun but can also provide you with a unique look of your own that you normally wouldn’t achieve with modern day clothing. Don’t be scared to create your own great look! Be different!

4.Share or giveaway your unwanted clothing

By sharing your unwanted clothing with friends is another way of contributing to the Sustainable fashion revolution.

Donating always makes us feel good and whether you donate your old clothes to family or friends or give it away to your local charity shop to help raise money for good causes, donating your unwanted clothes means they do not end up in “land-fill” which is always good for the environment!

5.Take care of your clothes and make them last longer

OK, most of us keep our clothing in pretty good shape but by applying a little extra tender care to you fashion line-up, you can increase the longevity of their life cycle.

Ask yourself, do I need to wash them after every use? Washing causes most fashion garments to lose their colour and shape over time so be a little bit more conscious after every wear.

Remember, the less you wash means you don’t have to spend your hard- earned cash on restocking your wardrobe. More money in your pocket!

6.Choose quality over quantity

It’s a fact that buying better quality clothing saves you money in the long run. Cheap fashion is exactly what it means. It has a shorter life span and with its composition not being entirely “eco-friendly” means it will have damaging repercussions for the environment in the long run.

Plan you purchasing strategy when next considering a fashion purchase. Buying a sustainable fashion piece may be a little more expensive but think of the benefits.

It’s better to have 10 quality sustainable fashion pieces of clothing in your wardrobe that 20 cheap non environment friendly items that won’t stand the test of time. By doing this you will dramatically reduce your own carbon footprint.

7.Adapt your attitude to ethical clothing

For most of us when we think of “Sustainable fashion” we may think of “dreary old fart” or “Hippy type clothing.” This couldn’t be further than the truth as the ethical fashion designs of today are going from strength to strength. The choice in cool and smart sustainable clothing will amaze you so it’s just knowing where to shop.

With fashion companies and fashion designers such as Nike, Levi and Stella McCartney to name a few, now part of the sustainable fashion revolution, the different styles and choices in eco-friendly fashion is huge.

More and more celebrities are joining the cause for the need for more sustainable fashion and it’s now the “buzz word” on the street.

Not only can you be part of this exciting fashion change, but you will also be doing your important bit for the environment and ethical fashion. Everybody is a winner!


Ways to help change your approach to sustainable fashion

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