ASOS is making sustainable shopping a whole lot easier

ASOS is making sustainable shopping a whole lot easier

ASOS is making sustainable shopping a whole lot easier. ASOS is the latest retailer to think more about sustainability in the fashion world, as they have launched an edit online of ‘environmentally conscious clothing, accessories and living item’.

Proving that you don’t have to compromise style to be eco-friendly, ASOS’ new Responsible Edit is your one-stop shop for items that are both sustainable and on-trend.

While shopping for a new dress or pair of shoes, you may have been used to setting filters such as minimum price, size or style but now you can browse ‘responsibly’, with the brand’s new ‘responsible’ filter.

Using this ‘responsible’ filter, you can choose to browse ‘recycled’ clothing and accessories or those made from ‘sustainable materials’.

This is a huge move for ASOS, as they are known first and foremost for its affordable, fast fashion.

The edit has thousands of pieces to choose from, with items made from recycled materials, sustainable fibres and fabrics created using less water and waste.

There are pieces from the brand’s own ASOS DESIGN as well as brands such as Monki and Nike, with everything you need, from summer dresses to gym gear.

So you can fully kit out your wardrobe with stylish and sustainable pieces from environmentally-friendly brands.

Taking a step in a sustainable direction, we hope ASOS will start a trend, with other retailers implementing similar filters.

Net-a-porter have launched a similar sustainable edit with Net Sustain.

A section of their website is now dedicated with brands, clothes and accessories with sustainability in mind.

Here’s to more brands following suit and making shopping for sustainable fashion online easier.

ASOS is making sustainable shopping a whole lot easier

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