Top 5 celebrities who promote sustainable fashion

Top 5 celebrities who promote sustainable fashion

Top 5 celebrities who promote sustainable fashion. With the environment now part of our daily conversations and with more and more of us becoming eco aware and realising the damage our habits and needs for fashion are doing to the world we live in. major celebrities are now starting to join the revolution for change and are using their celebrity status to inform and educate us on why and how we all can become eco-friendly and concerned about the environment we live in.

However, there are some celebrities who have been pontificating the need for change for many years now in the way we need to adapt our approach to our fashion needs.

We have selected 5 of the most recognised names in the world of entertainment who are seen by many as the champions in pioneering the message in promoting sustainable and ethical fashion.

These guys don’t just “talk the talk” but they actually “walk the walk.” Let’s check out our list of top 5 celebrities who promote sustainable fashion and why they are included in our list.

Emma Watson

As a “United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador”, Emma Watson is all about promoting fair trade and ethical standards in the world of fashion and it’s something that she holds dear to her our own heart and beliefs.

Back in In 2010 Emma launched her Feel Good Style site which is dedicated to promoting and supporting sustainable fashion and natural beauty.

It enabled UK fair trade brand People Tree to create collections consisting of organic and fair trade clothing. The Harry Potter actress has also worked with fashion designer Alberta Ferretti to produce an eco- fashion range called Pure Threads back in 2011. She continues today in being a leading figure in promoting ethical and sustainable fashion.

Black Eyed Peas member, is another star of the sustainable fashion movement with “The Voice” coach teaming up with Coca-Cola back in 2012 to create his own Ekocycle line.

The 44-year old rapper and music producer plays an active role in promoting the importance of recycling activities. His Ekocycle clothing collection involved turning old aluminium and plastic waste into sustainable clothing and luggage and he has also collaborated with several household name companies to produce sustainable products.

Stella McCartney

Probably one of the leading and most famous eco-friendly fashion designers in the world today, Stella McCartney leads the way in designing and promoting sustainable and eco-friendly fashion designs and practices in her fashion collections

The 47-year old designer makes use of organic fabrics, renewable energy in keeping her stores running, while disregarding PVC. While collaborating with other eco-friendly organisations to promote ethical business practices, Stella is a lifelong practising vegetarian which is just another reason why she does not use leather or fur in her designs.

Gwyneth Paltrow

American actress and lifestyle guru, Gwyneth Paltrow is another celebrity who strongly endorses the need for more environmentally friendly fashion.

The 46-year old actress and business woman launched her own company and website, Goop back in 2008 and also teamed up with American fashion company Amour Vert (which in French means Green Love) to create an eco-fashion collection of shirts that are made from organic fabrics with silk dyed and printed with low impact eco-friendly dyes.

She has also collaborated with fashion designer, Stella McCartney in the past to produce sustainable fashion collections.

Pharrell Williams

American singer, Pharrell Williams who is better known for his chart-topping hits such as “Happy” and “Freedom” is another famous name to add to the list of stars who endorse sustainable fashion.

The 46-year old entertainer is dedicated in making a positive change through his sustainable fashion actions. As creative director of American company, Bionic Yarn, who are a mission-driven material engineering company that addresses ocean plastic pollution in marine and coastal environments, Pharell has also been involved with denim line, RAW for the Oceans which takes plastic from the world’s oceans and turns it into denim fashion.


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