Mother of Pearl launch sustainable line with BBC Earth

Mother of Pearl launch sustainable line with BBC Earth

Mother of Pearl launch sustainable line with BBC Earth. Mother of Pearl’s new collaborator isn’t a model, fashion brand or an influencer but a TV channel.

Mother of Pearl has created a 9-piece collection with BBC Earth, with the pieces made with ‘peace silk’- silk that is produced from silkworm cocoons without killing the worn inside – as well as eco-friendly dyes and textiles which are certified by the Organic Textile Standard and National Program for Organic Production.

Mother of Pearl’s Creative Director Amy Powney spoke about the impact the fashion industry has on the environment, saying: “I think a lot of people don’t have a real grasp on the impact of fashion and that it’s one of the most polluting industries on the planet after oil and meat.”

Explaining how her collection is a ‘solution to that problem’, Powney went on to say: “We’re trying to say that you can make things better and create a more elevated product, too. Sustainable fashion doesn’t have to be hemp or hippie-ish.”

To create wearable clothes with a nod to nature, Powney looked at botanical drawings and iconic BBC photos to get inspired, with a few designs beign digitally printed with massive flower designs.

When Mother of Pearl launched, sustainability wasn’t part of Powney’s messaging, but she’s spent the past few years trying to change that.

“In university, my graduate collection was about ethics and fair trade, and at that time the bigger focus was on social issues,” she says.

“I didn’t even know the extent of fashion’s environmental damage, and people still don’t naturally connect fashion to the environment.”

But when she won the British Fashion Council/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund in 2017, she put her £200,000 prize money towards transforming her brand into a sustainable one.

“We were a tiny company back then, and as we grew our quantities, I thought: Hold on, what is my impact? Of course, as a small brand your impact is pretty minimal compared to the massive brands. But I looked at our footprint and decided to restructure everything.”

On why she chose to work with BBC Earth, she said: “I felt quite responsible to not just create sustainable products but also tell people about it. So that’s really how this BBC project came about—they have the chance to amplify my learnings. As a small company, we can’t talk to everybody, but the BBC can reach a lot more people.”

She also spoke about her partnership with Net-a-Porter and their new platform Net Sustain, which promotes all sustainable brands and products in the fashion industry.

Powney told Vogue: “Net-a-Porter has stocked a number of brands who champion sustainability on the site, and with the launch of Net Sustain, we’re able to formalize our approach and identify the products that fall into this category for the ease of the customer.”

In the new few years, Net Sustain will grow to include more designers and brands.

Powney explained how she wants to be a positive example to fashion brands looking to become more eco-friendly.

“A lot of people come to me and think it’s a quick fix, but it’s a thought process that has to be interwoven into how you run your company.”

She also revealed how her brand benefitted from become a sustainable one.

“I didn’t move our brand into a sustainable one [for any reason] other than the fact that we were making more and more product, and I couldn’t keep doing this if we didn’t do it in the right way. But when we came out to market [to introduce our new supply chain], the business grew, our profile grew, and we found that it was actually less expensive to produce our collections sustainably. So it was a win-win-win.”

Mother of Pearl launch sustainable line with BBC Earth

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