KKW Beauty launching collaboration with Winnie Harlow

KKW Beauty launching collaboration with Winnie Harlow

KKW Beauty launching collaboration with Winnie Harlow. Kim Kardashian-West has had her fair share of celebrity collaborations with KKW Beauty, but her latest one could trump them all as she is teaming up with model-of-the-moment Winnie Harlow.

Kim announced the news on an episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’, saying: “I am doing a collab with me and Winnie Harlow for KKW Beauty.”

And while no information was revealed about the collection, in terms of what it looks like, price point, etc., the episode did offer a behind-the-scenes look at photos being taken of Harlow and Kardashian-West.

Whatever the two are working on, it’s sure to represent their fans.

Winnie has continually called for the beauty industry to represent everyone.

In a June 2018 op-ed for Glamour, she said: “With makeup artists, we need to have more people who know how to work with someone with a dark skin tone and not have it turn gray or ashy. Even this past fashion week, I was backstage and put in front of a makeup artist and I looked at the range of tones she had — she didn’t even have colors dark enough for my skin. If you don’t even have shades dark enough for me, that’s saying a lot.”

As we await for more details, fans are going crazy, with some tweeting: “Omg I’m so excited” and “we stan”.

Given Harlow’s personal style, we’re expecting loads of dewy skin, bright eyeshadows and her signature long lashes.

KKW Beauty launching collaboration with Winnie Harlow

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