Emily Ratajkowski launches collection with Nasty Gal

Emily Ratajkowski launches collection with Nasty Gal

Emily Ratajkowski launches collection with Nasty Gal. Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski has teamed up with online retailer Nasty Gal for an stunning summer collection.

Just like the model herself, the collection is sassy and effortless, with both rocker and beach vibes.

Speaking to Nasty Gal in an interview accompanying the launch, Emily said: “I think that 2019 should be about women doing whatever the f—k they want.”

“If that means you don’t want to be sexy at all, that’s totally fine. If you want to be sexy in a masc way, if you want to be sexy in a femme way — that’s all up to you and that’s a personal decision.”

And while Emrata is not afraid to bare it all for her 23 million Instagram followers, the 28-year-old model’s new line is surprisingly covered-up, with highlights from the 55-piece range including oversized suits, gigantic moto jackets and belted wide-legged trousers.
But fans of Ratajkowski’s typical style need not fret as her collaboration with the retailer does include some fairly risque pieces, including a completely see-through mesh dress and a NSFW cutout crop top.

Meanwhile, Emily recently spoke about online trolls, saying: “The initial reaction when you post a sexy photo is, ‘Oh my god, naked again, you’re so stupid, you have nothing else to offer!’ And I’m like actually I’m running a business off of this.

“[Social media] is part of branding and it’s funny because you think of the idea of white older men in suits being like, ‘Oh no we don’t take her seriously,’ and we’re making more money than them. I love that. I think for that to still be a thing is completely wild to me.

“The great thing about fashion and beauty is it’s for you, ultimately if it makes you feel a little bit better about yourself that’s going to carry with you throughout the whole day.”

Emily Ratajkowski launches collection with Nasty Gal

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