Tyra Banks set to launch beauty mini-series

Tyra Banks set to launch beauty mini-series

Tyra Banks set to launch beauty mini-series. Tyra Banks is continuing her quest for world domination.

The supermodel, entrepreneur and reality show host is set to star in and executive produce a multi-part docu-series called Beauty.

Set to premiere on Quibi, the new show will ‘break down barriers’ and ‘challenge traditional notions’ of beauty.

Tyra spoke about her new venture in a statement: “As I look into the future, I see radical changes in both how people ‘attain beauty,’ and how the world perceives beauty.

“Our docu-series aims to expand and redefine the definition of beauty as we know it, challenging why we accept certain beauty parameters and reject others, and examining the beliefs behind those judgements.”

Over the course of her nearly 30-year career, Banks has made body positivity part of her brand.

The 45-year-old defies industry standards from supporting plus-size models to posting motivational messages on social media.

In May, during her Sports Illustrated cover story, Banks announced that she has changed her name to Banx.

The new name signifies her rebirth in the modeling scene after her exit in 2005 and ‘X-ing out cookie-cutter beauty’.

She explained: “Mononyms are exciting in the industry.”

But usually models use their first names, like Iman. I want to flip the script and go by my last name. I’m taking something familiar and making it new. I’m wiser now and thicker.”

“BanX represents rebirth and that beauty boundaries only exist to be broken.”

Since her retirement from modeling, Banx has hosted a talk show and created the America’s Next Top Model franchise.

She’s a guest lecturer for a personal branding course at Stanford Graduate School of Business and is launching her upcoming model-themed amusement park, Modelland.

Tyra Banks set to launch beauty mini-series

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