Victoria's Secret has landed in Paris

Victoria’s Secret has landed in Paris

Victoria’s Secret has landed in Paris. Lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret has finally landed in Paris, with the brand opening its first standalone boutique in the centre of the French capital.

The new store is located in the Parisian shopping centre Forum des Halles, taking up a 500-square-metre retail space, according to French publication CNews.

And like all existing Victoria’s Secret locations, the new store will carry lines Body by Victoria, Pink and Sexy Illusions.

While this is the first standalone Victoria’s Secret store in the French capital, the sleepwear brand already has two stores in French airports.

The brand currently has 1,600 stores around the world, with locations in countries such as Rome, Canada, U.S and England.

Meanwhile, Victoria’s Secret model Shanina Shaik has been sharing her skincare secrets for the summer.

In a tutorial for Vogue on how to get your Summer Skin Glow-Up, the model revealed her No.1 skincare tip.

“A skin-care tip: don’t use deep, rich, creamy moisturizers in the summertime because you will sweat and [it] will cause breakouts.I like using colours that are close to my natural lip colour.”

And the beauty also explained how her mother and grandmother taught her about the importance of having a good skincare routine.

“I’ve been really good with my skin care. That’s one thing I’m proud of. I started early.”

“My mum and my grandmother have really good skin but I witnessed my grandmother moisturising her skin day and night without fail, so I just copied her I thought it was good.”

Victoria’s Secret has landed in Paris

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