Kimora Lee Simmons on relaunching Baby Phat

Kimora Lee Simmons on relaunching Baby Phat

Kimora Lee Simmons on relaunching Baby Phat. Fashion designer Kimora Lee Simmons has admitted that she found relaunching Baby Phat ‘fulfilling’ and always knew the brand would come back.

The former supermodel told Page Six Style: “”I did expect [Baby Phat’s sexy style to come back], actually — fashion is so cyclical. I love being a part of this life cycle from the O.G. Baby Phat to our new, reinvented, modern-take on the brand.

“It’s so fulfilling to see one generation squealing with nostalgia at the news of our relaunch, and another discovering the brand for the first time.

“I’m heartened that the original aesthetic found its way into the zeitgeist. That’s affirmation for me and a whole community of women who were underserved by fashion the first time around.”

Kimora teamed up with fashion brand Forever 21 for an exclusive collaboration, which includes terrycloth tube tops, fitted bike shorts, cheetah prints and pastel sweatshirts.

The 44-year-old had the help of her two daughters who helped with the creative side of the relaunch and now have become part of the company.

“My world is shaped in so many ways by my daughters. They grew up walking the Baby Phat runways with me, and now they’re grown and working with me on the design and creative direction of the collection and on building the business itself.”

And it was important to Kimora that her range be inclusive and ‘accessible’ to all women.

“It’s important to me to share Baby Phat in a totally fresh and accessible way with an entirely new generation of women.”

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