The secret behind Sofia Vergara's glowing skin

The secret behind Sofia Vergara’s glowing skin

The secret behind Sofia Vergara’s glowing skin. Sofia Vergara has been spilling her skincare secrets, with the ‘Modern Family’ star opting to keep things ‘simple’ after struggling with rosacea.

Speaking about her skincare routine, the actress told Who What Wear: “”It’s changed a lot with age. I’m going to be 47 this July, and, unfortunately, because of the high-heat lamps on sets (and I live on a set), I’ve developed rosacea. I’ve been struggling with that for six or seven years.”

“It’s hard because I get really red, so I’ve realised that I’ve had to treat my skin like sensitive skin, where I didn’t before. I used to love products and would try anything. You name it – you tell me to put cement under my eyes, and I’d try it. But unfortunately, now all the fun is gone for me. I can’t really wear rich moisturisers or rich oils. Now I have to keep it simple.”

A key part of keeping her skin looking flawless is that she is ‘religious’ about taking off her makeup.

She added: “I’m very religious about taking my makeup off every night. No sun. I mean, it’s no mystery. The typical things that everyone has always told you to do for your skin – those things work. Sleeping enough. Don’t drink too much. Don’t be in the sun without sunblock. Take your makeup off.”

And, you’ll be happy to hear that Sofia’s favourite products are super affordable as she swears by Cetaphil.

“[I use] very simple stuff. Cetaphil cleanser and eye makeup remover. I try different ones all the time, because people recommend me stuff, especially in this business. But the basic stuff works best for me. For sunscreen, I’m using Supergoop! and it’s been really good. I also use a calming serum- that’s my go-to. The serums from Luzern are really good. They don’t irritate me. I basically use anything calming. Nothing sexy. Everything has that f***ing word ‘calming’.”

The secret behind Sofia Vergara’s glowing skin

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