Slick Woods designs her first pair of trainers

Slick Woods designs her first pair of trainers

Slick Woods designs her first pair of trainers. The Face of Fenty Slick Woods – who famously went into labour on Rihanna‘s runway – has released her first trainer collection with The Kooples.

The 22-year-old model created an exclusive range of trainers with the brand, with the star wanting to create footwear that ’embraced’ the idea of ‘going fast’.

She told British Vogue: “My trainers are designed to look good with everything – why wouldn’t you buy a pair? And why stop at just one? We wanted to create a sneaker that embraces the idea of going fast!

“I’ve been designing ever since I was dreaming in my sleep. I’ve always been a creative, a thinker. This is the first of many major collaborations and designing outlets.”

Slick wanted to collaborate with the French fashion retailer as the brand reflects her own style and personality.

She said: “ince the shoes are so much of my personality, the setting needed to reflect that. They go hard – those are two words I’m synonymous with – and got my vision immediately.”

And the model explains how her style has changed since becoming a mother.

“It’s proved to me that being a mother doesn’t mean you have to be inhibited or restricted, it’s a blessing that lets you be more confident in being yourself. More than I ever thought I could learn, and there is so much more to come.”

Woods added: “What you see in my shoes is the result of the voice I’ve developed over the years. I wanted to create pieces that don’t constrict anyone or add to unnecessary labels.”

Slick Woods designs her first pair of trainers

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