Michael Kors shares the key to beauty

Michael Kors shares the key to beauty

Michael Kors shares the key to beauty. American fashion designer Michael Kors credits laughter as being the key to beauty.

Saying laughter is ‘better than a facelift’, the 59-year-old told the Observer: “No one ever looks more fabulous or more beautiful than at the moment they start laughing uncontrollably.

“People think of chic as something that’s quite serious, but it’s not true. All the chicest women I have ever known have had a great sense of humour. Like Kate [Moss]. So chic! And she loves to have fun.”

Michael defended fashion against accusations that it is ‘trivial’, explaining that the right outfit can give anyone confidence.

“Is fashion trivial? I don’t know. I know that the world is a complicated place. But I take myself back to the fact that when I watch a man or a woman try five things on, there will be one piece that makes him or her sort of stand differently, when they look in the mirror.” he said.

“The attitude changes, the confidence changes. Your whole day changes. I believe in the magic of the right thing. And I love that fashion can give you hope.

Earlier this year, the designer revealed that his spring campaign was inspired by Bella Hadid’s ‘casual glamour’.

The campaign was based on the ‘connectivity’ of the younger generation, the relaxed beauty of the model as well as other influential female figures.

Michael explained: “People Bella’s age, the whole idea for them is not just the actual physical travel, they’re always on the move, whether it’s physically going to a new place or also [being active].

“I mean, Liz Taylor and Sophia Loren were not kickboxing. Nor were they attached to their phones 24/7. That connectivity — the younger you get, the more extreme it gets. So we wanted to sort of capture all of that movement that is part of today’s culture.

“Bella or her sister [Gigi] or Blake Lively or Rihanna or Taylor [Swift], they’re casual. They’re glamorous and casual, so we had to somehow get all of that into it.”

Michael Kors shares the key to beauty

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