Ashley Graham opens up about her body insecurities

Ashley Graham opens up about her body insecurities

Ashley Graham opens up about her body insecurities. She is one of the world’s top supermodels and is the poster girl for body positivity and inclusivity, but Ashley Graham has confessed that she is still has insecurities about her body.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar UK magazine, the model said by talking about her insecurities, she hopes to help other women with their own.
“I’ve always been very honest in sharing the insecurities I have. Cellulite, back fat.

“It opened a door for other women to share their insecurities. If we all feel the same way, why are we stressing about it? I’ve never gone to therapy but having these conversations really does help.”

And Ashley explained why she has to work harder for her success in the fashion industry.

She said: “”I had to work harder than everybody else because of my size.

“I’ve always had to suck it up. If you’re the kind of person who’s never been glamorised in fashion then you have to justify why you’re meant to be there through your efforts. Has it been hard? I’d prefer to say that it’s been rewarding.

“I started using the term curvy, not because I am no longer part of the plus-size community, but because body positivity is a broader community than we can imagine.”

But she doesn’t let negative comments faze her, instead choosing to focus on the positive.

“I listen to my fans and I value their feedback. I disregard the haters. Their words are meant to hurt me.”

She also revealed why she’s feels it’s important to stand for something.

“You really, truly have to hold your-self accountable. I want to advocate for equal representation for all curvy women – all sizes, races and ages. In talking about my size,I have to remember that my body type has been around for a long time and that women of colour have always embraced and celebrated their curves.”

“Now, there are white faces connected to curves and I feel a big sense of responsibility there – those women have been highly disregarded by the fashion industry.”

Ashley Graham opens up about her body insecurities

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