Paris Hilton shares her biggest skin care rule

Paris Hilton shares her biggest skin care rule

Paris Hilton shares her biggest skin care rule. Known for her flawless complexion, Paris Hilton has opened up about her skincare routine and her new business venture, The Glam App.

She told W magazine: “My mom taught me all about the importance of skin care when I was a little girl. I’ve been using eye creams, neck creams, and serums forever.

“My mum’s number one rule that she enforced was to stay out of the sun and to use sun protection. As a teenager, when my friends were baking in the sun, I was that girl with a giant hat on sitting under the shade.

“And I am so happy that I listened to her. Thank you for the tips, mom!”

Paris also shared her top tip for waking her skin up and getting rid of any puffiness.

One trick I that picked up years ago on a photo shoot was to fill a giant bowl with bottled water and ice and dunk your face in it for as long as possible.

“It helps wake you up, and the ice helps with any puffiness. I [also] only use Paris Hilton skincare, I’ll do a face mask and a hair mask before bed.”

The 38-year-old – who already has multiple businesses including her own makeup, skincare and perfume lines – recently became the newest invesetor of beauty platform, The Glam App.

She said: “I’ve been a client of the Glam App for four years. I first discovered it through a few of my friends that were using the app and tagging them on Instagram, so I downloaded it and had a full glam team at my house within an hour–and had my hair, makeup, and nails done.

“I thought it was the most genius idea and immediately fell in love. We eventually ended up speaking and I told them I wanted to be a partner and invest in the company. This is such an exciting project for me and I’m so pumped to be launching today.”

Paris Hilton shares her biggest skin care rule

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