Why Paris Hilton invested in The Glam App

Why Paris Hilton invested in The Glam App

Why Paris Hilton invested in The Glam App. American media personality and businesswoman, Paris Hilton has revealed that she has invested in the “The Glam App” because she personally thinks it will be the future of all beauty services.

The 38-year-old fashion model already operates her own successful business empire that includes perfume, skincare and make-up collections.

Hilton has now announced that she is the newest investor of the beauty platform, which is a digital app and website that that allows its users to book their grooming appointments at the push of a button and deliver them straight to their door.

Paris Hilton also revealed that her partnership with the “The Glam App” team was a no brainer for her because she has been using the app for over 4 years now.

The Glam App now operates in 23 cities across the world with Paris admitting she loves the connivence of it all as it allows her to book her own beauty appointments.

Chatting to Forbes Magazine, Paris said “I’ve been a client and using “The Glam App” for four years now. I think it’s the future of beauty services because just at the touch of a button, you can have an incredible hair, makeup, or nail stylist come to your front door and get you ready”.

“It makes things so convenient and it’s literally like the Uber for beauty and right now, I’m obviously running a huge business, but a big priority of mine for the past year has been investing in companies that I believe in.”

Founded back in 2015 by leading hair stylist to the stars, Joey Maalouf and now CEO, Katrina Barton, the “The Glam App” is now set to introduce a new option that allows their users to book longer appointment times with celebrity stylists at a higher price.

Founder, Joel Maalouf insists that his creation has two signature looks including the Hollywood, that will make user’s red carpet ready, alongside the Paris, that is based on the DJ-turned-beauty investor and will reveal her signature ritual.

Maalouf added: “We work with stylists ranging from one-year experience all the way up to those who have mastered their craft. Skill sets, professionalism, and creativity are just some of the characteristics we are looking for when accepting well-rounded stylists.”

“Even though we accept stylists at different levels, what’s consistent across the board is that they’re all driven towards similar goals of perfecting their craft, building a stable clientele, and being respected by their peers while upholding pillars of professionalism and talent within the beauty industry.”

“This is why we are launching a top-level tier called VVIP with Paris … with greater appointment times and the highest level of stylists who have been hand-selected by me. The Glam App is the future of beauty. Users of the app will also be able to rate their experiences that will be visible to other users. Joey concluded “Our team truly prides themselves on the exceptional level of customer service we offer, proven by our 98 per cent five-star rating.”

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