The beauty product Nicole Kidman can't live without

The beauty product Nicole Kidman can’t live without

The beauty product Nicole Kidman can’t live without. Nicole Kidman’s long-time hair guru Philip B have been spilling the secrets to her luscious blonde locks and the products they both use to keep her hair in the best condition possible.

Philip B told W magazine: “The defining moment of my career was when I developed these unique hair care treatments that really delivered – using pure botanicals in precise blends to restore hair’s healthy, youthful feel.

“Nicole Kidman credits my Rejuvenating Oil as a hair product she ‘can’t live without’ for red carpet events and my hot oil treatment is how she likes to ‘chill out’ after long days on ‘Big Little Lies’. I’ve had Robert Redford come right up to me at an event and thank me for my products; I’ve had Gwyneth Paltrow write to me about my products.”

The Hollywood hair expert recalled working as a stylist in LA and wanting to find a way to help his A-list clients restore their hair.

He said: “I was working in a popular Los Angeles salon with a big Hollywood following. I found that a lot of our A-list actresses had very damaged hair from constant heat styling, chemical treatments, and colour changes for their roles.

“It sent me on a mission to find truly effective ways to restore moisture to their hair and rebuild it. I had this intuitive sense that nothing could heal the scalp and help grow healthy hair like the nourishment of botanicals.”

And Philip gave his top tip on how you can achieve Hollywood worthy hair.

“Brushing your hair and scalp before each shampoo can work wonders for the condition of your hair. The trick is using the right kind of hairbrush: It needs to be made with natural boar’s-hair bristles.

“Why? Because unlike conventional nylon bristles, boar’s hair is porous, which makes it able to pick up the natural oils from your scalp and pull them down through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair, where they’re needed.”

The beauty product Nicole Kidman can’t live without

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