Alicia Silverstone urges K-Swiss to ditch leather products

Alicia Silverstone urges K-Swiss to ditch leather products

Why Alicia Silverstone wants K-Swiss to ditch leather products. American actress, Alicia Silverstone wants athletic shoe brand K-Swiss to ditch the use of leather in their products.

The American shoe manufacturer who dropped their new ‘Clueless’ inspired sneaker line are coming under pressure from the “Clueless” actress to disregard the use of leather in all their future footwear products.

Last month, K-Swiss dropped a line of sports shoes based on the clothes that feature in the iconic 1995 coming-of-age film – in which Alicia stars as high-school student Cher Horowitz who turns her back on materialism.

They have released two variations of its Classic VN sneaker, both featuring the iconic plaid print worn by Cher in the film.

However, 42-year-old Silverstone who is a long-time vegan and advocate for animal rights has revealed that although she “digs” the sneakers, she wishes the company would ditch leather from its products.

Sharing a K-Swiss campaign video on Twitter, she wrote: “@KSWISS Cher digs this look but wishes it was #CrueltyFree and made without leather (sic)”

K-Swiss responded to Alicia’s criticism by insisting some shoes in their footwear lines are “100% cruelty free” and that they are making it one of their priorities to make their entire range cruelty free in the future.

K-Swiss wrote: “We are thrilled that Cher digs the look! We completely agree with you, the plaid shoe is 100% cruelty free, and this year we have new materials partners for our first four conscious, recycled, cruelty-free shoes. Every company MUST make this transition, and it’s our top priority. (sic)”

The ‘Crush’ actress previously insisted that she makes “good, responsible” choices when it comes to clothes shopping, and admits most of her wardrobe is made up of second-hand outfits or from eco-friendly brands.

She said: “When I can’t buy vintage, then I like to buy clothes that are new because there are companies that are making really good, responsible choices, and when that happens it’s very exciting”.

“So I like to buy clothes from those brands and support them. Most of my closet is secondhand or eco, but sometimes something else will slide in there that’s not eco and not secondhand.”

Silverstone made her film debut back in 1993 with her appearance in the film “Crush”. she also appeared at the sweet age of 16 in the music video for Aerosmith’s “Cryin'”


Alicia Silverstone urges K-Swiss to ditch leather products

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