Irish designer created iconic Spice Girls' Croke Park outfits

Irish designer created iconic Spice Girls’ Croke Park outfits

Irish designer created iconic Spice Girls’ Croke Park outfits. An Irish designer was the brains behind the iconic outfits the Spice Girls wore onstage during their opening number at their Croke Park gig on Friday night.

Limerick-born Derek Anthony Purcell was tasked with recreating some of their most memorable looks for the opening night of their first tour in over a decade.

For the opening number, Ginger Spice Geri Horner was decked in a regal gown, a more mature take on her famous Union Jack dress.

Baby Spice Emma Bunton was dressed in her signature colour pink, while Scary Spice Mel B wore a leopard printed jumpsuit.

Sporty Spice Mel C took her signature style up a notch with a futuristic style crop top and matching trousers, arm bands and, of course, runners.

Derek – who is the creative director of Bang London – shared a few snaps of the girls wearing his designs on social media.

The four-piece changed outfits several times during the gig, but we think Derek’s designs are the most spectacular.

Meanwhile, their Croke Park concert was nearly thrown into jeopardy as Mel B was rushed to hospital earlier this month, after losing sight in her right eye.

She said: ” The whole thing started late on Friday morning, when my right eye went blurry. I just kept blinking, thinking it would go away because at the beginning it didn’t hurt.

“Then pretty quickly it got worse and worse and then suddenly I just completely lost vision in that eye and my left also started to get blurry.

“I went into a complete panic because I thought I was going to go blind. I was on my way to rehearsals and as soon as I got to Bedfordshire, where we were rehearsing, I saw our paramedic who told me he could see there was a problem. I needed to get to a ¬≠specialist. The best place to go in London is Moorfields Eye Hospital and I was rushed straight there.”

Irish designer created iconic Spice Girls’ Croke Park outfits

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