Ashley Graham reveals why she loves swimsuit fashion

Ashley Graham reveals why she loves swimsuit fashion

Ashley Graham reveals why she loves swimsuit fashion. Plus size beauty, Ashley Graham has revealed that she owns 50 swimsuits all having different colours and styles.

The American fashion model has created her own range of swimwear for the inclusive brand, Swimsuits for All, with the brunette stunner revealing that she loves to create her own different collections and likes to invest in staple fashionable pieces that are made of high “quality” materials.

Chatting to on-line fashion magazine, InStyle, Ashley revealed “You can never have enough swimsuits. I own about 50! I really suggest quality over quantity. Invest in a few staple pieces that will last a few seasons.”

The 31- year old stunner also enlisted the help of her younger sibling, Abigail, to help her model the summer capsule collection, which was shot on the beaches of Punta Cana by A-List photographer Ben Watts, because they’re both “passionate about body confidence”.

Ashley added: “My sister is also passionate about body confidence, and as a new mum, she felt that this was a great way to spread a positive, message to women that our bodies are beautiful at all stages of our lives.”

She also was reminiscing about the times that Abigail and herself would go on summer holidays as children and admitted that old photos of them on “trips” was the source of inspiration for the labels campaign images.

Ashley added: “My sister and I have such fond memories of summer trips and family vacations as children. We road tripped everywhere together, and when we would get to a beach, the whole family would convince Abigail – since she’s the baby – to let us bury her under the sand. Then we would leave bread crumbs around her to attract the seagulls. I’ll never forget us freaking out every time! Going through these old photos and choosing which ones to recreate was a nostalgic trip down memory lane for us.”

Her nine-piece collection features snakeskin, floral and mesh details, with the stunning fashion model insisting that she wanted to create a “variety” of styles so there was “something for everyone”.

Graham continued: “We have two one-shoulder one pieces with cut-outs that I love. We wanted to make sure the collection featured a variety of styles, materials and colourways this season so there was something for everyone.” Back in 2016, Ashley Graham became the first size 16 model to be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Ashley Graham reveals why she loves swimsuit fashion

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