Riccardo Tisci talks Burberry's new monogram collection

Riccardo Tisci talks Burberry’s new monogram collection

Riccardo Tisci talks Burberry’s new monogram collection. Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer Riccardo Tisci has opened up about the new Thomas Burberry Monogram collection, which stars Gigi Hadid in the campaign.

Speaking to US Vogue, he said: “There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. In the archives, I saw the old drawings and graphics of Thomas Burberry’s time. He did his initials, and I thought, ‘That’s interesting. Why not develop something that represents the beginning of this new era?’

“When I arrived I found the story of Thomas Burberry very attractive. That it’s not only a trench and a check. That there was a human behind them. With time, I want to open more the archive and show the history because the history of Thomas Burberry is quite interesting.”

The line was inspired by the 20th century logo interlocking Thomas Burberry’s initials and Riccardo wanted to make sure the new collection stayed true to the brand’s ‘daring’ founder.

“He was quite daring, he took risks. Where we’re going with modernity, with the computerised life we live, and our obsessions with computers and phones, humanising the house is very important to me.”

Gigi spoke of her excitement with working with Burberry, saying: ” have always loved and respected Riccardo’s work, and I feel so honoured and grateful that he trusted me with this project.

“My first Burberry show was my first time working with Riccardo, and the timing just felt perfect. It gave us our first opportunity to really get to know each other. The second I heard the creatives for this shoot, I understood how I wanted to bring that to life and show different sides of myself through each character.”.

Riccardo Tisci talks Burberry’s new monogram collection

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