Yara Shahidi shares her makeup routine and beauty icons

Yara Shahidi shares her makeup routine and beauty icons

Yara Shahidi shares her makeup routine and beauty icons. Yara Shahidi has opened up about her makeup routine, her social media habits and who she looks up to for beauty inspiration.

In a new video for Vogue, the actress shows you exactly how she preps her skin for makeup and applies her favourite beauty products.

Discussin the makeup looks she posts on her Instagram, she said: “When you see me on Instagram, I usually have the addition of a colorful pencil’, while holding a bright eyeliner.

“On my page, when it comes down to what I like to share, I try to be most authentic to what’s actually happening in my life, and so that means sometimes, you’ll get speeches that have inspired me and essays that I’m reading. Sometimes you’ll get selfies . . . It’s about trying to be as authentic as possible.”

The 19-year-old revealed that before she knew that brow gels were on the market, she would use her mascara to keep her brow hairs in place all day.

“Before I learned that people make products for brows, I used to just put mascara on my brows.

And she also shared her ‘beauty icons’.

“I always say my beauty icons are of course my momma and my nanna, they were the first representations I had of what beauty means to me. I have a binder on my phone just called aesthetic where I just save photos that inspire me.”

Sharing the secret to her flawless skin, the ‘Black-ish’ star makes sure to start her routine with a good moisturiser.

She said: “My skincare routine changes so often, right now a lot of it has been about moisturising, I use the Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base, you don’t need much and I rub it into my hands because my hands age faster than I do.

“Using foundation, I am golden and my shade changed throughout the year because my melanin changed throughout the year. I take a brush and I mix it and usually on my day-today makeup I don’t really wear much foundation. One thing I know is just being a teenager, my forehead likes to rebel and it’s about how to embrace that.”

Yara Shahidi shares her makeup routine and beauty icons

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