Tips on how to make your breasts look smaller

Tips on how to make your breasts look smaller

Tips on how to make your breasts look smaller. The size of women’s breasts has always been a topical conversation between women. They are either too small or too big but most large breasted women will all agree that they feel uncomfortable when their own breasts become the centre of attention in company as it can be sometime intimidating whatever the situation.

Thankfully with the development of new fashion garments and bras, help is at hand and today there are a few good bras for big chested women to help reduce the appearance of their breasts without having to resort to surgery which is often expensive and not to everyone’s taste.

Since the introduction of the minimiser bra that even Dolly Parton would have loved in her younger days had they been available, lots of ladies both young and old are enjoying the benefits of having their chest size look reduced in comfort. However, some key points that are important to remember should be that you should never sacrifice look over comfort. So let’s start by telling you things that you should and shouldn’t do!

Step One 

Some women choose to wear a bra that is too small for their breasts in the hope that it will make them look smaller. The fact of the matter is that fact this can have the opposite effect their breasts look bigger which can be very unflattering!

It’s important that that you are wearing the correct band and cup size to suit your breasts. Recent surveys show that 8 out of 10 women don’t wear the right bra size. It’s important that you get professionally fitted for the right bra size as it’s a garment that most women wear every day, so you need to ensure you are wearing the correct bra size.

Step Two

Once you know your correct bra size then it is certainly worth investing in a minimiser bra. This bra type and style redistributes your breast tissue in such a way that your breasts appear smaller

Rather than flattening your chest, a minimiser bra spreads your breasts out and makes you look one to two cup sizes smaller. Ensure you buy a minimiser bra in your measured cup size. You do not need to wear a smaller size with a minimiser bra.


Minimiser bras today come in so many pretty colours and elegant designs that there are definitely ones that will appeal to your own individual taste and look. Also the minimiser bra are essential for large busted women who want to wear button-down blouses without having the embarrassing situation of popping out at any opportune moment.

Remember a good minimiser bra is an important and versatile wardrobe fashion staple for any women who is conscious about her large breast size! Check out some of the best-selling minimiser bras from your local Irish fashion retailer.

Tips on how to make your breasts look smaller

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