Get the right men’s sunglasses to suit your face

Get the right men’s sunglasses to suit your face

Get the right men’s sunglasses to suit your face. In the past, sunglasses were a thing we were not really accustomed to given the unpredictable weather in Ireland.

The only real chance we had to don those Aviator look-alike sunglasses with the tinted lenses that we thought made us look cool and like Tom Cruise from Tom Gun was when the sun managed to break through the clouds for a few hours of the day!

For those of you guys who were lucky enough to hit the Mediterranean to catch some rays on our skin it was a novelty. Nowadays all that has changed and sunglasses are today more of a fashion statement than actually using them to protect our eyes.

It’s true to say that that men are quickly catching up on the ladies when it comes to wearing the latest in designer sunglasses wear and the sun doesn’t even need to be shining in the sky.

Today it’s all about looking cool in sunglasses, but some of us guys struggle to know exactly what sunglasses suit our look and the shape of our face. Yes, there is a lot of confusing information out there about what sunglasses suits the shape of your face and some of us are left confused, not knowing the right pair to get to make us look all smart and trendy.

To lessen the confusion on what sunglasses best suit you and the shape of your face we have 6 of the most common face shapes you’ll see on men today.

Almost every guy fits one of these shapes so by checking out our guide, we think it will help you pick the ones that suits your face shape the best.

This will help you achieve the best look when picking out your next sunglasses that fit your own face size. With summer nearly upon us, we guess you will be checking out the latest fashion brands from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Ray-Ban or Gucci that always provide adequate UV Protection for your eyes which is equally as important as looking good!

Whatever your choice of sunglasses, make sure you get the pair that suits you and check out our sunglasses face guide below to help you make that right choice to help you look cool all-year round.


Get the right men’s sunglasses to suit your face

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