Cher to launch first fragrance since 1987

Cher to launch first fragrance since 1987

Cher to launch first fragrance since 1987. After more than 30 years, Cher is finally launching a new fragrance.

The Grammy Award winning artist’s new scent, Eau de Couture by Cher, marks her return to the industry after her Uninhibited perfume in 1987.

This time, though, Cher took a different approach to developing her perfect scent, which features notes of bergamot, neroli, jasmine and vanilla.

Speaking to WWD, she said: “This is a genderless scent. I made it for people who love perfume and want to smell good and for people who feel that it’s part of who they are.”

She added: “I like vanilla. It’s very touchy-feely. It makes you want to hold yourself.

But before releasing her new fragrance out into the world, Cher wanted to make sure every aspect, from the packaging to the scent itself, was perfect.

“I have worked on this fragrance for the last four years. It is a labor of love and I am especially happy to announce this the day after my birthday,” she explained.

Cher is wearing her perfume any chance she gets.

She said: “This too is a milestone in my career as an artist. It completely expresses who I am, and I wear it every day. I know there are people who don’t want to have anything on them, but I cannot even go to that place.”

While no exact release date has been confirmed, ScentBeauty says the fragrance will hit its website and retailers starting in late Autumn 2019.

Cher to launch first fragrance since 1987

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