Michelle Keegan talks about her fashion designs

Michelle Keegan talks about her fashion designs

Michelle Keegan talks about her fashion designs. Actress and fashion designer, Michelle Keegan has revealed why she is delighted to see people wearing her fashion clothing range.

Michelle Keegan feels “well chuffed” when she sees people wearing her designs. The “Ordinary Lies actress from Stockport, Cheshire has already created 7 collections of her own fashion line for fashion retailer, Very with the 31-year old admitting the novelty of seeing other people in one of her fashion pieces still hasn’t worn off and she even stops consumers and asks them for a picture.

The ex- Coronation Street actress said: “I often see people wearing the pieces and I’m well chuffed. I go up to them and say: ‘Excuse me…” And I ask them for a picture. Honestly, it never gets old.”

Keegan also admitted she keeps an eye on the Very’s website when she drops a new collection and looks at comments made on each piece as she thinks they provide her with essential feedback to what customers think about her Fashion collection.

Chatting to “Fabulous” magazine, she said : “I read the comments as well. I want to see people’s reactions; I need to know what people are saying and treat it as feedback.” When it comes to designing her collections, the former ‘Corrie star – who is married to ex-footballer and actor, Mark Wright revealed she only wants to include garments she would be happy to “buy and wear” herself.

She went on to say: “I’m not a dressy kind of girl, I prefer to wear casual clothes and you can see how that’s developed in the range. “As I’ve got older, I’ve grown in confidence and the collections have evolved because of that. So, I don’t like big prints, they just don’t suit me. I feel more comfortable in simple clothes. “Like, I love the denim jumpsuit from this collection. The fabric is really good, it’s not too thick and it holds the body really well. It has to be things I would buy and wear myself.”

Michelle has also featured twice on the cover of FHM magazine back in 2011 and 2013 respectively.

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