Stella McCartney and Google tackle fashion sustainability

Stella McCartney and Google tackle fashion sustainability

Stella McCartney and Google tackle fashion sustainability. With the fashion industry’s environmental impact growing, pressure is on brand’s to rethink their production process.

And Google want to help.

At the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, Google announced that it is building a Google Cloud data analytics and machine learning service that will ‘give brands a more comprehensive view into their supply chain’.

The technology giant is actively working with brands, experts and industry bodies to create an’ open industry-wide tool’ that not only determines the impact of raw materials production, but compares the impact on regions where they are produced.

Its first partner is Stella McCartney.

In a statement, McCartney said: “At Stella McCartney, we have been continuously focusing on looking at responsible and sustainable ways to conduct ourselves in fashion, it is at the heart of what we do.

“We are trying our best — we aren’t perfect, but we are opening a conversation that hasn’t really been had in the history of fashion.”
The pilot scheme will begin by looking at cotton and viscose, due to the scale of their production, availability in data and impact considerations.

The hope is that better visibility for brands will allow them to choose raw materials and processes which are more sustainable.

This is just the first stage, with Google hoping that they can develop further schemes which will help the fashion industry tackle their environmental footprint.

Stella McCartney and Google tackle fashion sustainability

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