Regina Hall is the new face of Old Navy

Regina Hall is the new face of Old Navy

Regina Hall is the new face of Old Navy. Regina Hall has partnered with Old Navy on a new summer campaign.

The actress stars in the brand’s TV spot, showing off her best warm-weather looks as she and her friends head to their favourite brunch spots.

And, although she loves a bargain when it comes to her wardrobe, it doesn’t mean ‘The Hate U Give’ star doesn’t splurge on certain items, especially when it comes to her skincare.

“I splurge on health products; anything that has the word ‘collagen’ in it, I buy! It doesn’t matter how expensive.”

She confessed to Page Six: “And I splurge on creams and body scrubs. You can never lather enough, you know what I mean? You can never be soft enough!”

When it comes to feeling confident on the red carpet, The Old Navy spokesperson likes to keep her look ‘simple’.

“My secret is] a beautiful, easy dress that has a beautiful hang. Clean hair and great makeup. I like a simple look!”

The ‘Little’ star revealed the unusual skincare routine that got her through college.

“In college I used a home remedy from my mom, who got it from her mom, who probably got it from her mom: Crisco for cleansing and vinegar as an astringent. What can I say? I was broke!”

Whereas, now, she likes to keep things ‘natural’.

“I prefer to buy natural whenever possible. I use Avalon Organics a lot, and I like anything with vitamin C.”

Regina Hall is the new face of Old Navy

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