Leomie Anderson launches Victoria’s Secret Incredible Bra

Leomie Anderson launches Victoria’s Secret Incredible Bra

Leomie Anderson launches Victoria’s Secret Incredible Bra. British fashion model and designer, Leomie Anderson, has launched the Victoria’s Secret new Incredible Bra collection.

As one of the newest recruits to the Victoria’s Secret Angel models, the 26-year-old model was in her home city of London to reveal the much-anticipated Incredible collection by the American lingerie fashion brand.

The collection itself includes is one of Victoria’s Secret’s best selling bras which they put down to its comfortable support.These come in a range of different neutral, bold and bright colours.

As part of the celebrations in launching the new Victoria’s Secret Incredible collection, Leomie was accompanied by other well-known women who also define modern fashion which included musician Amelia Monét, fashion blogger, Victoria Magrath, Olympic skier Chemmy Alcott, founder of Duck & Dry Yulia Rorstrom.

Leomie recently admitted her fears of being dropped by the lingerie giant before being asked being asked to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel.line up.

She said: “Well, I was having a really bad day at work, and Travis, my agent, texted me asking when I was going to be home, and I was like, ‘Why do you want to know so badly?’ Once I got to my building, he and my booker Jodie were standing there, so I was like, ‘Okay, maybe something bad is happening–maybe you’re going to drop me.’

“Then, once I got into my apartment and they were like, ‘What’s something you’ve been really working toward, and working really hard for?’ I didn’t know what to say–I was still trying to gauge the situation. And then they were like, ‘Well, guess what? You got a contract to be an Angel!’ And I just said, ‘What are you talking about?'”

Leomie also revealed that she cried when been told of her good fortunes of being enlisted in the Victoria’s Secret line-up and couldn’t wait to share the good news with her friends and family. She added: “I thought it was a joke, but then they told me they were being serious, so I cried, and then we celebrated. I was just trying to live in that moment. I’ve been modelling for 11 years now, so to finally get a big contract, and for it to be with a team of people I’ve worked with and I actually enjoy working with as well, is a dream come true.”

Today Victoria’s Secret is one of the world’s leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of women’s lingerie, womenswear, and beauty products. The company was founded in 1977 by Roy and Gaye Raymond.

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