Pretty Little Thing launch transparent fashion range

Pretty Little Thing launch transparent fashion range

Pretty Little Thing launch transparent fashion range.With summer on the horizon and festival season about to kick in, no doubt you fun loving girls who adore the latest trends and fashion looks will be eager to get your hands on the latest in fashion wear that reflects your own style and look during the summer months.

Hot pants. Denim jeans, bikini tops and mini dresses seem to be the preferred choice and favourites of the party gals when packing and heading off for that weekend of fun and frolics.

However, Manchester based fashion retailer Pretty Little Thing have something extra that you might consider adding to your festival fashion collection for those of you who “dare to bare.” during festival season.

Pretty Little Thing have just launched their new fashion collection that is made up of a range of transparent clothing which is the latest in see-through fashion that will appeal to those of you who like to reveal a little more flesh than normal.

OK, their new fashion line-up may not prove as versatile or as practical the high cut-off denim janties or free flowing mini dresses that are a popular choice of apparel for the regular festival goer, but for those of you who are little more daring and let’s be honest, like to “show off” in the latest “must have” fashion wear that reveals a lot more than normal , then the PTL clear fashion range is certainly worth checking out!

It’s hard to get a grasp on what material goes in to making their see-through skirts, jackets, bralet tops. Is it plastic, vinyl or even clingfilm? Whatever mixed fibres goes into to composition of their transparent collection that includes the use of lots of bright pinks, lime and lilac colours, it allows the wearer to showcase their modesty in a different way to the traditionally more conservative festival goers fashion looks.

Designed for fun, the new Pretty Little Thing transparent range is certain to turn heads and get you noticed. Their eye-popping see-through fashion line up can also act as your very own fashionable body poncho for when the rain hits! The Pretty Little Thing see-though fashion line up is certainly different to the norm, however, it’s designed for fun.

Don’t be too surprised when you spot other festival goers donning the latest PLT transparent collection this summer as it’s bound to a hit with girls who love to fuse their fashion look with all the fun of the festival!

Pretty Little Thing launch transparent fashion range

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