Miranda Kerr reveals how she stays in shape

Miranda Kerr reveals how she stays in shape

Miranda Kerr reveals how she stays in shape. Australian fashion model, Miranda Kerr has revealed that part of how she manages to keep herself in great shape is by listening to music and dancing with her kids at home.

Kerr who was the first ever Australian Victoria’s Secret model, has 2 children and along with pilates and swimming as part of her strict keep fit regime, she also stays in shape by dancing to her favourite tunes with her children while at home.

The 36-year-old beauty shares her son eight year old son Flynn Christopher with former partner and Hollywood actor, Orlando Bloom. She also has a 12-month-old boy Hart with her husband Evan Spiegel.

Chatting to daytime show “This Morning‘ in the UK, Kerr she said: “I love yoga, I love pilates, I love walking with the kids going hiking going swimming. “I love to do now more activities that I can include the kids in even if that’s turning the music on at home dancing around the house and being silly I can get exercise in that way.”

She went on to explain her own top tips for keeping one’s skin complexion and body in shape by stating that she eats healthy foods and drinks lots of water every day.

She added: “I think that drinking lots of water I know people talk about it all the time it’s really important. I believe in health as well and healthy skin is the most beautiful skin. “Everyone has their way but if you give your skin the vitamins and anti-oxidants that it needs – you can get the results you need the natural way and you can age I believe gracefully if your skin has the right Nutrients.”

The “Australia’s Next Top Model” mentor also added that a person’s confidence is also a great way for people to look beautiful. Miranda believes that a person looks their most attractive when they are self-assured while still being “humble”.

She concluded: “When you’re confident and you appreciate who you are as a person in a humble way I think that that’s really beautiful “.Kerr is still one of the top models of today and has worked with top fashion labels including Givenchy, Reebok, Louis Vuitton and Wonderbra!


Miranda Kerr reveals how she stays in shape

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