Priyanka Chopra is the new face of Obagi Skincare

Priyanka Chopra is the new face of Obagi Skincare

Priyanka Chopra is the new face of Obagi Skincare. Priyanka Chopra has longed campaigned for diversity in the entertainment industry, but now she’s turning her attention to skincare by partnering with Obagi on a new campaign.

The skincare brand and Chopra launched SKINCLUSION, with the initiative aiming to open up a dialogue about diversity and inclusion.

Chopra revealed that one of the reasons why she chose to partner with Obagi is because “Each individual product has been tried and tested on all six Fitzpatrick skin types, as opposed to just one particular skin type. That makes you feel included.”

The Fitzpatrick Scale is a numerical classification system that gauges how each skin tone reacts to UV light, with dermatologists using it to determine treatments for patients.

The actress was drawn to Obagi when she was experiencing ‘crazy breakouts’ after moving to Los Angeles.

And after trying recommendations from Jamie Castle (Obagi’s President), and seeing her skin transform, she was hooked.

And she’s not the only one – Alicia Keys, Drew Barrymore, Ayesha Curry and Sofia Carson are fans of the brand too.

Chopra revealed that while her new regime transformed her skin, a meeting with Obagi’s team led to this partnership.

“First and foremost to me was the fact that the skin care is really good. But that the brand is tested on every skin tone and made effective for every skin tone to me was Obagi celebrating diversity and not being afraid of it. So this campaign to me was just an amazingly organic marriage of the product, what the brand stands for and what the need of the hour is.”

That need is representation.

“I feel the need for diversity everywhere,” Chopra explains. Representation is so important, and the conversation around that is something we need to keep magnifying so it doesn’t die down.”

“So for me, the work that I choose and the brands that I align with [include] people who are willing to move that conversation forward. Social responsibility is something that is so important to especially us people who have the privilege of having a platform.”

For every use of the hashtag #SKINCLUSION on social media, Obagi will donate $1 up to $150,000 to support the International Cultural Diversity Organization – a global non-profit dedicated to promoting diversity – as well as Project Implicit, a virtual lab and research organisation which promotes education about implicit bias.

Chopra says: “We need to normalize these conversations for ourselves. And our children.”

Priyanka Chopra is the new face of Obagi Skincare

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