Red Ruby Rouge 2019 chats to Red Ruby Rouge Boutique chats to Red Ruby Rouge Boutique. Founded back in 2007 as a boutique store located in Holywood, Northern Ireland, Red Ruby Rouge today continue to provide a delightful on-line experience to customers looking for a certain type of “niche fashion” experience to satisfy their own personal fashion and beauty needs.

Their website is home to an exclusive range of emerging designers that are carefully handpicked by the Red Ruby Rouge team from around the world. From unique stylish bags from South America to elegant hand printed silk tees from the America, Red Ruby Rouge is an on-line shop that is full of surprises and hidden gems.

It’s comes as no surprise to why Red Ruby Rogue has been featured in leading fashion magazine Vogue and credited newspapers such as the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Times. caught up with Red Ruby Rouge owner Ian for a chat about his online store and why customers looking for a little less out of the ordinary should check out his store.

Ian, How long have you been in business?
We have been in business now for just over 12 Years and enjoying every minute of it as no day.

How many staff do you employ?
At the moment just one and we can achieve this simply because now we are an on-line shop.

What type of fashion goods do you sell?
We sell an array of different beauty and fashion accessories that extends to Jewellery, Bags, Cosmetics & Clothing

Do you specialise in any specific types of fashion goods?
Not really. Our range covers different styles and products that appeal to our customers

What are your best sellers at the moment?
That would have to be Lee Coren bags & Elizabeth Stone jewellery

Do you run any rewards programs for loyal customers?
Not at the moment as we keep all our prices keenly marked offering value to our customers.

Do you cater for seasonal wear?
Our lines and collections cater for all different seasons so it’s all about customers preferred styles and we certainly cater for that.

How often would you re-stock to cater for new lines?
All the time. We’re constantly on the lookout for new designers & products to add to our ranges. Variety is the spice of life and any designers, especially Irish designers should get in contact with us for a chat.

Are your customers all local based or do people travel to see what you have on offer?
Because we sell on-line we appeal to a global market where people can browse around our store and see what we have to offer in lines of the latest looks and accessories.

Why should people shop at your boutique?
We aim to source products that will inspire for more than just the season, becoming ‘go to’ items embedded into your staple wardrobe. We try an offer a variety of different fashionable ranges that appeal to people looking for different styles that suit them.

For you people out there who love to combine on-line shopping for fashion and beauty for items that are a little more unique and diffrent as well as good value for money, it’s certainly worth checking out Red Ruby Rogue. A pleasurable and delightful experience! Don’t forget you can keep up to date with their latest news on social media by following them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. chats to Red Ruby Rouge Boutique


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