Jameela Jamil criticises designers over sample sizes

Jameela Jamil criticises designers over sample sizes

Jameela Jamil criticises designers over sample sizes. Jameela Jamil has hit out at fashion designers over tiny sample sizes.

The ‘Good Place’ actress – who is campaigner and advocate for body positivity – explained that, while on a fashion shoot, she tried on a designer dress and that it ‘exploded open on my ass’.

“I mean exploded open, tore the whole thing open, no one else can wear it today. And I’m a size six,”.

“So for the dress to be that small for me, what size is a sample size still even in this day and age, even with people of varying sizes and people from varying ethnicities which means varying body shapes and with various ages and heights – it’s still a f****** two? That’s still happening?”

Jamil told her Instagram followers: “The reason I bring it up is that it’s a massive part of what’s wrong – that the designers make the samples really not much bigger than which would be worn by a child.

“And then all of the actresses and the models normally have to starve themselves a lot of the time just to get into these sample and so the only people that we see in the magazines are people who are thin enough to get into these samples.

“So the rest of us, who are reading the magazines, think that that’s the size other people are able to achieve being.”

“But the lengths that so many people have to go to, especially as we get older, to fit into these tiny, tiny, little samples are so extreme, I can’t even tell you!”

She added: “I work in this business and I see how little so many people eat and the extremes that they go to.

“I really wish designers would just pulling a Christian Siriano and making their samples bigger and making their sizes bigger and more inclusive because this is crazy.”

She also issued message ‘to the designer whose dress exploded open on my ass’, saying “Shame on you, not shame on me”.
“I’m 33 and 5’10” and I’m a size six so I shouldn’t be exploding out of anything, nor should anyone.”

Jameela Jamil criticises designers over sample sizes

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