How Adwoa Aboah responds to negative comments

How Adwoa Aboah responds to negative comments

How Adwoa Aboah responds to negative comments. Adwoa Aboah has revealed that she ‘loves’ when her outfits get criticised.

Interviewing her friend Jorja Smith for Britain’s Elle magazine, the 26-year-old model admitted that she doesn’t care about negative comments on her fashion choices as she doesn’t want to feel like she’s ‘fitting in’.

She explains: “Do you ever read if there are bad comments about you? I love when people don’t love my outfit, I’m really happy because I don’t like to feel like I’m fitting in. I’ve accomplished what I was aiming for.”

And the Gurls Talk creator revealed the one person in the public eye who’s style she admires.

“I quite like a lot of boys’ style, I like how a lot of men dress. I love Rihanna, too. Every now and again I feel like dressing like her, but then I’m just a bit too lazy and I put a tracksuit on instead.”

One thing that Adwoa doesn’t like is being urged to ‘squeeze’ into an outfit when she’s working.

She said: “The amount of times I’ve been on a shoot and they’re like, ‘Do you think you could get in these?’ You feel pressure to perform so you find yourself trying to squeeze in. You’d never do that in a shop or at home! It just doesn’t fit, so you leave it.”

How Adwoa Aboah responds to negative comments

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