Tyra Banks wore trains on VS runway to 'hide cellulite'

Tyra Banks wore trains on VS runway to ‘hide cellulite’

Tyra Banks wore trains on VS runway to ‘hide cellulite’. Tyra Banks has admitted that she used to hide ‘cellulite’ by wearing long trains and capes when she walked the Victoria’s Secret runway in the nineties and early noughties.

Tyra interviewed Miss Universe Catriona Gray for V Magazine, where the two shared their runway secrets.

Catriona revealed: “I’ve actually seen girls backstage spraying their body with hairspray. Apparently it helps with jiggling.”

To which Tyra replied: “Oh no way! So it’s a like a cellulite stopper?”

‘You know what’s so funny … For years, when I did the Victoria’s Secret runway, I would get these long trains and other models would get jealous, but it was to cover my cellulite! I wish I would have known the hairspray trick; I could’ve shown a little more!’

The 45-year-old model has learned to love her body over the years, saying: “I am all about ‘flawesome’ which means your flaws are awesome.”

Catriona works alongside the charity ‘Young Focus’, which gives underprivileged children and young people from the Philippines a chance to develop themselves through education.

The beauty pageant winner, 25, said: “”We love pageantry in the Philippines, but growing up my dream was never to be a beauty queen; I entered a pageant at 21 to bring awareness to the charity I was working for, and still work for. Even at Miss Universe, I was just grateful to be there. My mindset wasn’t, what if I don’t win; it was an attitude of gratitude.”

Tyra Banks wore trains on VS runway to ‘hide cellulite’

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