Interview with Irish fashion designer Niamh Daniels

Interview with Irish fashion designer Niamh Daniels

Interview with Irish fashion designer Niamh Daniels. It’s a positive sign for the Irish fashion industry when you see our own designers turning out original designs that are enjoyed by fashion lovers from around the world.  has caught up with the talented Irish fashion designer Niamh Daniels who specialises in textile print design. Niamh first cut her teeth in the world of fashion by qualifying with a BA Honours degree in Fashion Designs in Limerick and has gone on to work in both the UK the America where she gained her Masters degree in Textile Print and Design.

Today Niamh is back in Ireland where she owns and operates her own exciting signature fashion label. Niamh gives us an exclusive insight into her life as a fashion designer in Ireland today!

How would you define fashion?

Freedom for self-expression!

What age did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?

I think I was about 7 years old when I announced to my parents that I wanted to be a fashion designer. But it kept changing!

Is the fashion you grew up wearing reflected anywhere in your own designs of today?

I used to wear a lot of clashing colours and prints when I was very young and again in my 20s. So I suppose you could say that’s reflected in my designs today. I tend to wear a lot of black today and keep all the colour in my scarves!

Your designs are very creative, where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

Nature all around us, especially the Sea! I absolutely love marine life, it’s a different world and I love to showcase that in my own way in my print designs.

What skills according to you are necessary for a successful fashion designer?

Good people skills. It’s not what might come to mind first, but with fashion, you are working with a variety of different personalities, it’s a fickle industry and you need good communication skills.

Do you use technology to when setting out to design a piece of clothing or do you sketch the ideas our first?

I always like to start with a drawing/painting first and work from there.

Are there any international fashion designers that you admire and why?

There’s so many! Alexander McQueen for his fantastic tailoring, Sarah Burton is doing a wonderful job continuing his legacy. And Moon Young Hee for her gorgeous fabrics and unusual shapes.

What high street clothing brands would you consider to be good value for money in terms or design and cost of garment items?

I know it’s on the higher end of high street but I love Cos.

Out of all of your designs to date, what would you consider your personal favourite and why?

Probably my “Brushmarks Purple” design from my first collection. It was my first design for the brand so it holds a special place in my heart!

What is the best part of being a fashion designer?

Getting to be creative with colour and print designs – designing is my favourite part.

Do you think there is enough being done to help the Irish fashion industry considering the stiff competition from international brands accessible on the internet today?

I think its really improving, there are more grants and mentoring available than ever before and the fashion design courses at LSAD and NCAD are very good.

What more could be done do you think to help young fashion designers of today?

I think more emphasis on the business side of things could be done at university level – setting up accounts, registering a brand name, how to do costs and working with retailers would be very good to learn before you leave university.

Do you design be-spoke garments tailored to someone’s needs?

I do for business clients; I can create a unique, bespoke product with a client’s logo and a design to their liking. It can be anything from neckerchiefs and pocket squares for their staff to corporate gifts or framed prints. I’m working on adding more to this part of my business.

What advice would you give to any person considering a career as a fashion designer?

Be prepared for a tough industry and long hours! There are also so many different areas in the fashion industry, If designing isn’t for you, there is styling, buying, fabric sourcing, trend forecasting, embroidery, pattern drafting and much more.

What new designs can we expect from you this season?

A bit of a different style for me this season, I love to experiment and try new things, so expect something quite different to what I’ve done before!

It’s always important to support our own stable of talented Irish fashion designers and ensure when we make that important fashion purchase, where possible it’s Irish. Don’t forget you can see more of Niamh’s designs on her website and follow her on Twitter, Instagram  and Facebook for more on her great stylish designs.


Interview with Irish fashion designer Niamh Daniels

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