Why Jenna Dewan switched to natural beauty products

Why Jenna Dewan switched to natural beauty products

Why Jenna Dewan switched to natural beauty products. It’s no secret that Jenna Dewan is obsessed with all things beauty.

The actress and dancer has documented her skincare and makeup routines on YouTube and is a self-confessed ‘beauty junkie’.

But Dewan has admitted that her approach to shopping for beauty products changed when she became pregnant with her daughter Everly, now 5.

Speaking to PEOPLE, she said: “Everything I was using no longer was recommended to be using while pregnant. I just started using natural face products, then makeup and it became a slow unrolling of getting into more of these toxin-free [items]”

But, luckily, Dewan discovered Savvy Minerals by Young Living, a line of clean beauty products she loves so much that she became an ambassador.

“Once I found makeup that was natural and toxin-free, but also still beautiful, I was like, ‘Okay. You never know.”

“It all has great texture and great colors. I did a lot of work to find the best products, and I use these every day.”

The ‘Step Up’ star maintains a plant based diet to keep her skin and body healthy, but Jenna admits that she loves a good ‘cheat’ meal every now and then.

“I need to have those days so I don’t feel like I’m totally depriving myself. love Mexican food. To me going and having a huge vegetarian burrito, or to eat my weight in chips and guacamole or French fries, that is my cheat night. Basically, anything spicy, salty and margaritas.”

Why Jenna Dewan switched to natural beauty products

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