Miranda Lambert names fashion line after her horse

Miranda Lambert names fashion line after her horse

Miranda Lambert names fashion line after her horse. It’s no secret that Miranda Lambert is country music royalty, so it would only make sense that her fashion line would reflect that.

The 35-year-old launched ‘Idyllwind’ back in September 2018, featuring her own signature country style with cowboy boots, denim, sundresses and more.

And now the star has revealed that she chose the name in honour of her horse, Ellie Idyllwind, telling Page Six: “”I had started riding horses at the age of 30. I had never ridden a horse before in my life – it was fun and a bit scary at the same time.

“When thinking about naming the brand and what this clothing line meant to me, it was all about taking risks, being brave and trying something new, and that was represented in my life on horseback at the time, so the name Idyllwind seemed perfect.”

Miranda explains why it was important that her fashion line was an ‘extension’ of herself.

The ‘Gunpowder and Lead’ singer said: “Idyllwind is an extension of me, who I am, and my music.”

“It has a vintage Western vibe with an edge; it definitely reflects my personal style. It is inspired by what I enjoy doing, what I do when I am on my off time. I am usually in a T-shirt and cutoffs wearing some cute boots.”

And while Miranda has a soft spot for the cowboy look, she wasn’t aware that ‘yeehaw’ couture was having a major pop cultural moment right now.

“I don’t really know what the ‘yeehaw’ thing is all about, but it’s good to know that the Western trend is being embraced and is considered fashionable.”

Miranda Lambert names fashion line after her horse

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