Michelle Pfeiffer opens up about her personal style

Michelle Pfeiffer opens up about her personal style

Michelle Pfeiffer opens up about her personal style. Michelle Pfeiffer has opened up about her own personal style and revealed that she ‘adores’ women in a ‘great suit.’

The actress – who has recently launched her own perfume line – is known for her timeless style both on and off the red carpet and has been talking to Harper’s Bazaar about her own personal style.

She said: “My personal style is old hippie meets classic design. The designers I wear most combine the two in varying degrees.
“I adore a woman in a great suit. In my closet, I have suits from Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen, and a new white Armani that I love!”

The star also revealed her favourite items in her wardrobe, adding: “”I have quite a selection of Birkenstocks. I also wear boots all summer long, like Stevie Nicks. My favourite accessory is hoop earrings. I’ve worn them since I was 12 years old.”

The ‘Batman Returns’ actress revealed the reason why she created her perfume line, Henry Rose.

“I founded Henry Rose because I wanted to create a line of fine fragrances that didn’t compromise quality for safety.” she explains.

“My interest in “clean beauty” started when I became a new mother. Prior to that I always assumed that if a product was on our shelves it must be regulated. It seems common sense, that ingredients should be proven safe before they go onto our skin.”

Michelle also revealed her particular favourite scent from her collection is ‘Torn’ as it reminds her of her father.

She said: “As we were formulating the perfumes, the smells kept bringing me back to my childhood memories involving scent.

Without realising it at the time, I was trying to capture my father’s cologne in the first fragrance, Torn. It’s also the one that’s geared toward my taste.”

Michelle Pfeiffer opens up about her personal style

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