Elizabeth Olsen's skincare secret is placenta serum

Elizabeth Olsen’s skincare secret is placenta serum

Elizabeth Olsen’s skincare secret is placenta serum. People can tend to go a little overboard with their skincare routine. Especially celebrities, who are under constant pressure to look good.

Which leaves some resorting to botox, fillers and invasive procedures. However, Avengers: Endgame star Elizabeth Olsen likes to keeps things minimal with one special product: a placenta serum.

In an interview with The New York Times, the actress talked about dealing with breakouts, adding that iologique Recherche’s Serum Placenta has done wonders for her skin.

She says: “”Lately I’ve been having some weird chin issue. I’m not sure if it’s a rash or a breakout or something else. It’s been around for two months, so this morning I did something different”

“I used the micellar water from Biologique Recherche, and then the P50 exfoliant. Then I went to my refrigerator, where I have the placenta serum from the line, and put that on, thinking it would heal my chin. It’s one of those water-based serums, and it absorbs immediately. It sounds crazy, but Biologique Recherche works.”

The unusual skincare recommendation came to Olsen when she was working on the TV show, ‘Sorry For Your Loss’, where she didn’t want her character to wear makeup.

“It just didn’t make sense to me. A friend told me about Yonat Zilberg, a facialist in the Valley, and she uses Biologique Recherche.”
She added: “She completely changed my skin. I find it hilarious now when a friend will ask in a whisper voice, “Did you try a little Botox?” No, I have a very expressive face. But I use P50!

Like everyone else, Olsen has her own skincare issues, explaining: “I have dry spots. My nose is dry, and my chin, with the weird skin thing going on, is drier than usual. So it’s about layering serums and moisturizers. I’ve been putting on Augustinus Bader cream before we do makeup.”

And the star revealed her favourite makeup (Bobbi Brown Face Base ad Long Wear Cream Shadow Stick) and sunscreen (Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen), although she isn’t impressed by the packaging.

Speaking of Supergoop, she says: “I really hate the way the bottle looks. It’s not sexy. I want my products to look sexy in my bathroom. Supergoop clearly doesn’t, but it leaves such a nice finish on my skin.”

Elizabeth Olsen’s skincare secret is placenta serum

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