Alana Hadid insists she doesn't compete with her sisters

Alana Hadid insists she doesn’t compete with her sisters

Alana Hadid insists she doesn’t compete with her sisters. When you hear the surname ‘Hadid’, you immediately think of Gigi or Bella.

Or even Anwar or their mother, Yolanda.

But there’s Alana, who Grazia magazine describes as the ‘hidden Hadid’, along with her sister Marielle.

Despite having famous siblings, Alana, who’s a fashion designer, is ‘not in competition with my sisters and brother’.

She told Grazia: “We all have an innate work ethic and I feel successful—I do a lot of things that people perhaps don’t know about, as do my sisters. Being famous is not being a success.”

She continues: “We are really protective and supportive of each other,’ adding that they all try to meet up ‘as much as humanly possible’.

“We love each other, we want to be close, and we’ve never thought anything of each other apart from that we’re brothers and sisters – that’s why we remain so close.”

In fact, the Hadid siblings are like any other, according to Alana.

“Regardless of Gigi and Bella’s fame, and how hard they’ve worked, we really are just sisters. We go shopping, we do a little cooking, we have a group chat. We do all the things that sisters do.”

Fashion designer Alana has collaborated with Strathberry to create leopard print belt bags, initially stumbling across the brand on Instagram.

She told Grazia that she: “I wanted to make a bag that was chic, exciting and a bit utilitarian.”

And the designer, who has her own fashion line, believes that fashion is in her blood, saying: “My sister Marielle] is in fashion, and [Gigi and Bella and my brother Anwar.”

“It’s in the genes.’

Alana Hadid insists she doesn’t compete with her sisters

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