Meghan Markle gets beauty inspiration from YouTube

Meghan Markle gets beauty inspiration from YouTube

Meghan Markle gets beauty inspiration from YouTube. Meghan Markle’s makeup artist has revealed that she gets beauty inspiration from YouTube.

The Duchess of Sussex has worked with makeup artist Daniel Martin for several years and he has revealed that she urges him to look online for trends she wants to try.

Daniel told Grazia: “She makes me go on YouTube to learn about things. She’ll be like, ‘Oh I follow this person and they did it this way’ – and I’m like, ‘Oh OK’.”

Daniel is based in LA and was so busy ahead of the royal wedding that he couldn’t meet her face to face to test her makeup for the big day.

He admitted: “We did her make-up trial over text – I didn’t have time to see her.”

But he insists that that didn’t matter as he has been working with Meghan for years and she is so easy to work with.

He said: “I’ve known Meghan for 10 years and I know what she’s comfortable and not comfortable in. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin because it’s such an iconic moment in anyone’s life.

“All I knew that day was I wanted Harry to see her…I love her freckles. She has incredible skin so it was easy.”

And it wasn’t until Daniel arrived at Windsor Castle that he realised what a big occasion he was a part of.

He said: “I just wanted her to look and feel the best she could.

“It didn’t even hit us until we got to Windsor and saw the people lined up that this was actually happening.”

But the makeup artist was delighted with the response he got afterwards, saying: “A lot of moms reached out to me after the wedding and thanked me for inspiring their daughters.”

Meghan Markle gets beauty inspiration from YouTube

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